Hunar Se Rozgar (HSRT)

A Six Days Skill Certification Course For Cooks.

Course Guidelines

Course Title Cook
Objective Experienced service providers from the industry who have no formal training or certificate.
Eligibility In-service personnel
Duration Six days orientation of 35 hours.
Admission Through Advertisement and trade publicity on first come first served basis with minimum class size of 25 candidates.
Fee No course fee for trainees. Institute to pay @ Rs.200 per day to trainee.
Course Administration To be delivered by Institutes of Hotel Managements (IHM) @ Pusa, New Delhi; Mumbai; Kolkata; Chennai; Bangalore; Goa and Hyderabad under the Capacity Building for Service Providers (CBSP) Scheme of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India
Examination Theoretical knowledge would be tested through Viva of max. 30 marks. Practical test of skills would be done comprising max. 70 marks. Based ort the outcome of the test, candidates would be certified on grades of competence i.e.. Candidate securing between 60% to 70% Grade - III, 71% to '80% Grade - II and 81% and above Grade - I. Those unable to obtain minimum pass percentage of 60% can register again for the next test
Certification By Institute and NCHMCT

Skill Certification For Service Providers
Orientation Program - Five Days / 35 Hours

Course Content:
1. Pride in Nation
2. Tourism and your role
3. Personal Hygiene for food handlers
4. Basic Hygiene
i) Food Safety in kitchen ii. Cleaning the kitchen
ii) Cleaning the kitchen
iii) Cleaning the equipment
iv) Preparing for work
5. Culinary Terms
6. Knife skills
7. Potable water
8. Washing and blanching vegetables, fruits, meats and fish
9. Conserving food nutrients
10. Kitchen management
11. Storing Food
12. Food Presentation (consistency, texture, flavour, colour, garnishes)
13. Health and Safety
14. Basic First Aid
15. Closing down the kitchen

Examinee will be tested for skill acquired in category: :
1. Tandoor - Indian Breads
2. Handi / Gravy / Curry Cook
3. Dosa / Idli / Vada (South Indian)
4. Kebab cook
5. Non-Veg. curry cook
6. Veg. Curry cook
7. Rice & Biryanis
8. Halwai (Indian)
Each examinee will prepare 03 popular items 04 portions each in their category as assigned.

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