The Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) takes pride in its excellence in a resourceful library. The IHM’s collections of over five thousand specialized books including references, magazines, CDs, and rare videos on Hotel Management are housed in a spacious hall of the 2nd floor of the main building. This hall includes a modest reading room. The books on both core and non-core subjects are classified in fourteen different categories. Dewey decimal classification (23rd edition) method has been followed for the classification. Subject headings have been done according the 21st edition of the Library of Congress method. Computerization of the library is progressing in full swing where a user-friendly e-Granthalaya package has being used. A knowledgeable and well experienced selection committee plays an active role in selection of the books for this library. The students enjoy various benefits and other facilities like photocopier, scanner, along with the pleasure of knowing that they are being supported with one of the best resources in the field of Hotel Management.

The library procurement is done in two ways: through purchase and gift. Outstanding books are encouraged as gifts, which add a new dimension to the library. Internet facilities for the student members of the library keep them updated with the industry.

The IHM library is so designed keeping in mind the five laws of library science: (i) Books are for use (ii) Every reader his or her book (iii) Every book its reader (iv) Save the time of the reader (v) Library is a growing organism. The Institute holds the view that Library and Education is almost synonymous and ‘Service before Self’’.

Library Gallery