Other Facilities

Medical: Working in the hotel industry demands not only a sound mind but a robust health also. To ensure that a student remains healthy all through his learning period, a qualified medical practitioner visits the Institute twice a week. The doctor is available at the hostels on the weekends too. In case of any sudden illness, he is always available on call. Standard First aid facility is also made available to the students in the practical labs.

Laundry: The Institute has a well-equipped automated laundry along with facilities for training students. Housekeepers use a laundry chute to get the dirty linen from the upstairs down to the laundry area. The sorting and washing operation involves the following:
► Sorting laundry.
► Loading bins which weigh 60 pounds of dry laundry, and 120 pounds when wet.
► Transporting (pushing/pulling) bins to washer.
► Loading washer.
► Unloading washer.
► Transporting (pushing/pulling) bins to dryer (towels only).
► Loading dryer with towels
► Unloading towels from the dryer