GTA V Cheat codes, Latest GTA V Cheat For PC

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is a very popular games. Every player want to use cheat codes to their best in GTA V. Generally people use cheat codes for survivor, More power and want to enjoy game without any fear of death or loss of power. There are many cheat codes available fo you to enjoy the game.


Every person have ever played GTA whether it is GTA San Andreas, Vice city , GTA 3 and GTA. Most of us already played game with cheat codes. However, in GTA V we ca not use cheats in online mode. GTA V is most successful game after San Andreas. The Graphic quality and amazing control over game is awesome as people love to play. People also waiting for GTA 6 launch and people still like to play this game after many years of launch.

GTA V cheat code
Name of GameGTA V
Cheat AvailablePC, Ps3, PS4, Ps5
Availability for useOffline Mode

GTA V PC Cheat

Remember GTA V cheat codes not working in online mode. Please save your game before using cheat. If you not want to play game in regular mode then you can use cheat in fun time. You can become invincible, spawn car or chopper, high jump, or fly up in sky. Below are some cheat code, you can try in Pc.

Name Of Cheat codeUses of Cheat code
POWERUPRecharge Up
LIQUORDrunk Mode
SKYFALLFall From Sky
HOPTOITSuper Jump Mode
HIGHEXExplosive Ammo
HOTHANDSExplosive Melee Attacks
INCENDIARYFlaming Bullet on Shots
LAWYERUPLow your Wanted Level
FUGITIVERaise Your wanted Level
TURTLEMax Your Health
DEADEYEAim For Slow Motion
SKYDIVEOpen Your Parachute
MAKEITRAINChange the Weather
JRTALENTDirector Mode
FLOATERMoon Gravity Mode
SNOWDAYSlidey Cars
SLOWMOSlow Down Gameplaty
BUZZOFFSpawn Helicopter/ chopper

How to Use Cheat codes

To use GTA V cheat codes, you have to press the key board button in your system contain (¬ or ~). After that you have to enter the cheat codes and enjoy your game. Cheat code is good and you can use without mods.

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Can you Spawn Audi cars by using cheat code?

No you can not spawn a specific car model using cheat code. However you can spawn sports cars.

Is there any Hulk Mode chead code for GTA V?

No there are not cheat code for Hulk Mode. For this you have use Mod file.

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